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dbskyler's Journal

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  • dbskyler@livejournal.com
Welcome to my LJ journal. This began as a place to indulge in thoughts about my fanfic writing for Doctor Who, but I now also post about general fandom-related things (again, mostly for Doctor Who and its spin-offs) and sometimes I post about other things as well. You can find my Doctor Who stories archived on the Teaspoon. Most of them are also archived here at my journal (under the tag "fanfic" -- yes, complicated, I know).

I am female. I am old enough to have seen the Fourth Doctor's first episodes with Sarah Jane Smith back when they were new. I am single. I have cats. And, um, yeah, those are the basic facts of my life.

Come on in. And welcome.

On friending and friends lists:

Just thought I'd briefly talk about my attitude about "friending" and "de-friending," since it's clear that different people approach it with different viewpoints and preconceptions:

1. If I "friend" you, it's because I think we have things in common and I would like to keep up on your journal. Before I "friend," I try to find out if the person wants me to ask permission first. If I see a request to ask before friending, then I will ask; if I don't, then I probably won't bother. I may not bother to introduce myself, either.

2. If I've "friended" you and you'd rather I hadn't, you can ask me to "de-friend" and I will, with no hard feelings. I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable.

3. If you want to "friend" me, go ahead. No need to ask. Most likely I will friend you back.

4. If you've friended me and I don't friend you back, it's because I don't think we have enough in common for me to keep up on your journal. It doesn't mean I don't think you're a great person. As for my own journal, 99% of my posts are public. Seriously, you're not missing out on anything if I don't friend you. In fact, the stuff that's flocked is usually RL-related and not that interesting and the only reason I flock it is to keep it contained within a smaller corner of the internet.

5. I believe in "de-friending amnesty" -- if you've friended me, go ahead and de-friend me whenever you like. I figure it's up to you whose journal you want to read on your flist. You can friend, de-friend, then friend again whenever the mood strikes you, and I won't mind.