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Yuletide reveal

mr smith
Yuletide is over, which means I can now reveal that I wrote The Recorder in the Room, a Sarah Jane Adventures fic. My recipient requested a fic on the development of Rani and Clyde's romantic relationship, which was a bit of a challenge for me because although I do ship them, I also am not someone who generally writes shippy fic. The result is probably the least romantic fic ever written about a romance, but fortunately my recipient seemed to like it, so whew!

It turns out that one of my gift fics was from someone on my flist, paranoidangel42, who wrote me fic about Gita saving the world after reading my two recent fics about Gita saving the world. We have now decided that Gita Saving the World should be A Thing, and so I am hereby Declaring It So. There is even a Teaspoon series for it, here. If anyone reading this is inclined to write fic about Gita saving the world -- and you know you want to *g* -- please feel free to add your fic to the series.
Sarah from Hand of Fear
Happy New Year, everyone!

Via several flisters, here, have an anonymous writing feedback meme. All constructive criticism is welcome! (Really.)

my thread here


Help me find a rec?

Sarah from Hand of Fear
I hope this doesn't come across as incredibly boastful, but I'm looking for a rec of one of my own stories. And, I'm not entirely sure it even exists. But one of my fics on AO3 has gotten a huge number of hits, and so I suspect that someone has linked to it somewhere. And while it's possible that they've linked to it as an example of a terrible fic, I think it's more likely that they linked to it because they enjoyed it. And either way, I would like to find out, but I can't find a reference to it anywhere (at least, not with my limited Google-Fu).

For anyone who has any ideas on the best way to pursue this, or who wants to help me figure out what's going on, here's the fic:

That One Time Gita Chandra Saved the Earth with Roses.

Oh, and one other possibility: maybe there's a bug, and AO3's hit rate is incorrect? All I know is that the numbers have been steadily climbing for awhile now. I don't remember when I first noticed, and my initial thought was that SJA fic must be more popular on AO3 than on Teaspoon, but now that it's received over 900 hits, I'm pretty sure there's something else happening.
up to eleven
Courtesy of BBC America, it's both poignant and funny. And, it's very nice to see how well Matt and David get along!



Yay, Yuletide!

Sarah SJA
I got not one, but TWO wonderful new Gita fics, and I love them both for lots and lots of reasons! But here on my journal, I can confess that I especially love them both because not only did they give me Gita, but they gave me Sarah. Which is not what I asked for, but what I now realize I secretly also really wanted. In fact, it was so much of a secret that I didn't even realize it myself until I got it, twice. I was mulling over what made me happy about my gift fics, and of course Gita because I love her, and I asked for her, and there's not nearly enough fic with her . . . but then I realized that the presence of Sarah -- well-written Sarah -- warmed another very special area of my heart. I still miss Elisabeth Sladen so much, but Sarah Jane Smith will never be gone as long as we have fic. And now I have TWO more fics with her, and with Gita. What a great Yuletide!


My ode to the Eleventh Doctor

up to eleven
We say goodbye to the Eleventh Doctor tomorrow -- sniff! -- and honeynoir inspired me to make a post about all the things I love about him. So, here we go. Geronimo!

cut for length, and spoilers through Day of the Doctor, and lots of rambling, and probable mis-quoting because I didn't go back to check on the exact wordsCollapse )


On the benefits of procrastination

up to eleven
I've been plugging away at my Yuletide fic, and I had a moment of "Oh no, is my recipient going to like this? Am I using the requested characters enough? Am I using them in the right way?"

And then I thought, "No time to change it! Forward!"

So, I don't know if what I'm writing is any good, but at least I'm waffling about it less?

Also, I've passed the 1,000 word mark!



So, apparently hosting a ficathon with a late-November deadline was not the best way to get going on my Yuletide writing. I was way too caught up in it, and way too caught up in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, to make any significant progress on Yuletide writing. I have finally come back to it, though, and I'm slowly making progress. I've been using WrittenKitten, and it's been really helpful, especially since I haven't passed the magic 1,000-word mark yet. Right now I have 5 kittens to go! Well, 5 kittens, plus however many additional kittens it takes me to actually finish the fic. Right now I don't know how many that will be; I'll have to wait and see where I am once I've gotten a few more kittens.

I feel badly because the last time I did Yuletide, my fic was finished early, and it was well over the word limit, and this time it looks like it's going to be down to the wire in terms of both time and words. Although I guess neither of those things ultimately matters in the end. My recipient won't get to read the fic any earlier if it's turned in before the deadline, and I really do think that fic length is unrelated to fic quality. I once recced a fic on Calufrax that had only 52 words. I wonder if I hold the record for reccer of the shortest fic?

Anyway, this Yuletide fic of mine does have to be longer than it currently is, but instead of just writing it, I feel like I have to anxiously watch the word count go up until I've at least reached 1,000. But after that, I will hopefully be able to relax and just write. And, at least there's a website that will count up the words for me, and give me kittens along the way.

Also, it's fic_rush this weekend! Hurrah!