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Stop-and-go Yuletide

Four and Sarah Pyramids of Mars
My Yuletide fic is driving me slightly crazy. I get an idea for the next bit, I write it, then I get stuck. Then I'm stuck, stuck, stuck . . . then I get an idea for the next bit, I write it, then I'm stuck again. It's like my muse is wading through a pool of treacle or something.

On the bright side, I've passed the magic 1,000-word mark, and it's only mid-November, so odds are it'll actually be finished early despite the crazy stop-and-go progress. I just wish I could keep the writing going for more than a small bit at a time. Flow, damn you, flow!


Doctor Who finale thoughts

The Brig
BBC America just showed a trailer for tomorrow night's Doctor Who finale, and I realized something:

spoilers for Dark Water and the presence of some characters in the finaleCollapse )



Ten expression
I'm trying to watch "Gracepoint," which is on my television right now. Oh David, what are you trying to do with that "American" accent? It sounds like you're trying to be from Boston, maybe? With a touch of . . . Aberdeen?

We love your Scottish accent over here! Next time, try to talk them into letting you use it! (Except, please don't be quite so mumbly as you were in "Broadchurch," okay?)

Some random items make a post

up to eleven
I just re-watched "The Girl Who Waited" and it made me cry. Even though I knew exactly what was coming. Damn, that's such a good episode.

Fruit flies are mostly gone. I have two left. They refuse to go into the fruit fly trap, and they refuse to die. Hopefully they're not a male and a female, waiting to repopulate.

My garbage disposal is broken because I put too much ice down it to clean it as a method of getting rid of the fruit flies. Oops. On the other hand, it was old and had been making wonky noises, so perhaps it was on the verge of breaking anyway.

Almost time for the Scottish independence referendum. Best wishes to all of my UK friends on a good outcome, whichever way the vote goes.