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Jessica Jones -- final thoughts

I've finished watching season one of Jessica Jones.

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More on Jessica Jones

Still non-spoilery, so no cuts, but I went for it and got Netflix streaming, and I've been binge-watching Jessica Jones all day.

Well, except for the times when I find myself surfing the internet for David's video diaries and clips of him singing with the Proclaimers, just to remind myself that there really is no need for me to be afraid of David Tennant.

Jessica Jones

Was dog-sitting for someone who had Netflix streaming, so I got to watch the first two episodes of Jessica Jones. It's good! I think I might have to pony up for one month of Netflix streaming so I can watch the rest. (Or do a lot more dog-sitting.)

My non-spoilery favorite thing about the show? The fact that David Tennant is not trying to use his terrible "American" accent. Maybe the producers saw "Gracepoint" and politely told him they would love it if Kilgrave had an English accent?

Chris Chibnall??????!!!

The Radio Times is reporting that Moffat is stepping down, and his replacement as Doctor Who showrunner will be Chris Chibnall. I am really, really hoping that it's April Fool's Day, and I've just missed it.


(Psst -- BBC, please take another look a Toby Whithouse? Pretty please??)


Yuletide writing and wrangling

For the first time this year, I wrote for a 5-minute fandom for Yuletide. In fact, it's really more of a 1-minute fandom; the whole thing is contained in this Tumblr post. The name of the fandom is "Incompetent Time-Travelling Saxophone Haters," and the conceit is that since Adolphe Sax (inventor of the saxophone) had multiple mishaps growing up, there must have been time-travelling saxophone haters out to kill him before he invented the saxophone, who must also have been incompetent because they didn't succeed.

lost_spook told me about the fandom when I was looking for something else to offer, and at first I was sure that I couldn't write for something like that, but after giving it some thought, I decided to offer it. I knew it would mean writing original characters, which I don't usually do, but I kind of like when Yuletide gets me to do new things, and as it turned out, my recipient's prompt really inspired me and it was one of my easiest Yuletide writing experiences ever. I also really like how it turned out: From the Desk of [Insert Mad Scientist Name Here].

Ironically, the fandom was originally wrangled with a parent tag under "Celebrities and Real People," and I was really afraid for awhile that I was going to have a repeat of last year, when I wrote Five(ish) Doctors Reboot fic that got wrangled as Doctor Who RPF, so no one could find it as its own fandom. I had visions of Incompetent Time-Travelling Saxophone Haters being renamed to "19th Century Belgian Musicians" or something equally obscure, which would also have been very ironic as Adolphe Sax isn't even a character in my fic. So I emailed the mods for the first time ever, and they were super nice and super helpful, and as a result, the fandom also got "Other Media" as a parent tag, and in the Yuletide collection the fandom actually appeared as it was nominated, which was a huge relief. Because, to be honest, I'm still not over what happened with my Five(ish) Doctors fic last year.



I have a new fanvid! It is once again Doctor/Sarah (I know, I can feel your shock from here).

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/C3aM3aPKXkg

Vimeo link (password-protected): https://vimeo.com/150648255
Password: sarah jane

And, let me see if I can embed it here:


Fic: Into the River (Press Gang)

Title: Into the River
Fandom: Press Gang
Rating: All ages
Characters: Lynda Day, Spike Thomson
Summary: In the river, there are crocodiles.
A/N: Written for lordbeatrice for Yuletide Madness 2015.

Many thanks to my beta, lost_spook, who is also the person who introduced me to this wonderful show.

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Yuletide reveals have happened, so I can claim ownership of my fic! Here's what I wrote for the main collection:

Title: From the Desk of [Insert Mad Scientist Name Here]
Fandom: Incompetent Time-Travelling Saxophone Haters
Rating: All ages
Characters: Original characters
Summary: It began, innocently enough, with an email address.
A/N: Written for team_fen for Yuletide 2015.

"Incompetent Time-Travelling Saxophone Haters" is from this Tumblr post. Thanks go to those people for creative inspiration. Thanks also go to Starrie Wolf for fantastic help on the laboratory chemicals used here for saxophone-hating purposes.

Finally, many thanks as always to Persiflage, my wonderful beta. Additional special thanks go to lost_spook, who introduced me to the Incompetent Time-Travelling Saxophone Haters Tumblr post.

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Sarah Jane Adventures for Yuletide!

I got not one, but TWO marvelous SJA fics for Yuletide. Best of all, they are both obviously written by people who know and love the fandom. There is more SJA fic in the world! There is more Gita!fic in the world!

The Kraftur, by Anonymous. This reads like an episode, and it's everything I love about Sarah Jane Adventures wrapped up in one glorious package. Really well written, interesting alien, great character moments for everyone, Gita saves the day, bonus Mr. Smith/K9 rivalry . . . go read it!

Alien Estate, by Anonymous. You're not supposed to have favorites in your Yuletide letter, but sometimes you can't help it, and I'll now confess that Alan selling his house to Gita and Haresh while hiding the neighborhood alien activities was my favorite out of the prompts that I left. And this fic fills it, with all the rompy fun I was hoping for.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be re-reading both of these fics multiple times over the next few days. Apologies in advance for inflating your hit counts. :)


Fun links

Two fun things from around the internet:

1. There is a parody twitter account for the villain from "The Force Awakens."

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2. BBC America has a Doctor Who Christmas Special quiz. Can you name the Christmas Special from the picture?

Yes. Yes, I can.


(Not sure if the link will work globally, but try it. It's kind of fun, even though it's very easy.)