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WIP meme

Sarah SJA
Thought I'd take a whack at that WIP meme that was going around. I only have two, and they're not secret (I'm not including my Yuletide fic) so I'll go ahead and identify them for you. I'm still hoping to eventually finish them.

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Gracepoint finale liveblog

Ten looking up
Channel-surfing, and I randomly came across the Gracepoint finale! (For those who don't know, Gracepoint is the American remake of Broadchurch.) Supposedly the ending is going to be different. Let's watch and find out!

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Fandom Stocking sign-ups!

Sarah from Hand of Fear
It's fandom stocking time! Go sign up here:

I think most people reading this have done it before, but in case you've never heard of Fandom Stocking, it's totally awesome. Every time I've done it, I've gotten random treats from both friends and strangers, and it's the most low-pressure thing out there: you are under absolutely no obligation to do anything at all other than say what kinds of things you would like to receive. (Obviously, though, it's nicer if you can also find the time to go out and leave treats for others -- and truthfully, it's more fun that way, too.) You can find more information here:

Stop-and-go Yuletide

Four and Sarah Pyramids of Mars
My Yuletide fic is driving me slightly crazy. I get an idea for the next bit, I write it, then I get stuck. Then I'm stuck, stuck, stuck . . . then I get an idea for the next bit, I write it, then I'm stuck again. It's like my muse is wading through a pool of treacle or something.

On the bright side, I've passed the magic 1,000-word mark, and it's only mid-November, so odds are it'll actually be finished early despite the crazy stop-and-go progress. I just wish I could keep the writing going for more than a small bit at a time. Flow, damn you, flow!


Doctor Who finale thoughts

The Brig
BBC America just showed a trailer for tomorrow night's Doctor Who finale, and I realized something:

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Ten expression
I'm trying to watch "Gracepoint," which is on my television right now. Oh David, what are you trying to do with that "American" accent? It sounds like you're trying to be from Boston, maybe? With a touch of . . . Aberdeen?

We love your Scottish accent over here! Next time, try to talk them into letting you use it! (Except, please don't be quite so mumbly as you were in "Broadchurch," okay?)