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Yuletide reveal

I ended up writing The Good Place for Yuletide, an interesting experience because it's the first time I've ever written for a big-for-Yuletide fandom. Although truthfully, given the odds, I wasn't surprised to be matched on it, and I was only surprised that I didn't also receive it for Yuletide. But instead I got wonderful Sarah Jane Adventures fic from [personal profile] paranoidangel, which you should totally check out if you haven't read it yet: Bloomin' Aliens

I had a lot of fun writing the fic, and was really happy with my recipient's prompts. I don't know if anyone on my flist is at all interested in The Good Place, but just in case, here's the fic:

Title: Janet@12358W (Status = Happy)
Characters: Janet
Rating: All audiences
Summary: In which Janet assigns herself (status=happy).

story hereCollapse )

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There is only one Sarah Jane Adventures fic in Yuletide this year, but it is for ME (for me, for me, for me!) and it is absolutely wonderful:

Title: Bloomin' Aliens
By: Anonymous
Summary: There are aliens at Park Vale and only Gita can save the school.

Great plot, great characterizations, my favorite SJA villain, and Gita is awesome as only Gita can be. Go read it!

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The Good Place and Yuletide

I just saw the second episode of the second season of "The Good Place," and OMG this show! I would say that I absolutely did not see that coming, but the truth is I absolutely never see anything coming on this show. It is continuously innovative and surprising in all the best ways.

In other news, I have a new job! I really like it so far, which is fantastic. But as I'm not sure yet how demanding it will be, I'm not sure if I should commit to Yuletide. I'm really in the mood to do it this year, though, especially as I didn't participate last year, and I see stuff in the tag set that I would like to request and offer. I guess I have another week to decide.

And, just to bring this post around full circle -- "The Good Place" is in the tag set, and I am toying with requesting it even though I have no idea how to request something that keeps upending everything you think you know about the show. Imagine if last year I had requested back story on Real Eleanor? Although she's become a very interesting character now, and I wouldn't mind back story on her at all this year, but it would be very different than last year's back story. At least, as of episode 2 . . . who knows where they're going with this whole thing? Certainly not me.

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More Adventures in Learning French

I'm still working on my French, and while it's definitely improved, I still have a very long ways to go. As a lark, I thought I would try to translate one of my old drabbles into French. "How hard could it be?" I thought. But wow, it was so hard! I wore out Google Translate checking translations and back-translations, and I think the result might possibly make sense, but I'm not sure. Anyway, if any of you speak French and want to check it out, it's here:


I have also been seeking out French videos to watch / listen to, and I came across this slightly terrifying one:


I kind of wish I had a video of my face as I slowly managed the translation and figured out what it's about.

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Doctor Who Helpline

Seriously funny video made in reaction to the news of the casting of the Thirteenth Doctor:

"At least tell me she'll only be making 79 cents on the dollar of what Peter Capaldi is being paid."

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That 13th Doctor Announcement

I am so incredibly thrilled! I have seriously never, ever, been so excited about the casting of a new Doctor.

Anyone know where I can get an icon of the 13th Doctor? Surely, someone somewhere has screencapped that BBC announcement video?

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television ramblings

They're playing a rerun of the Star Trek TOS episode "The Naked Time," or as I call it, the "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" episode. It was one of my favorite episodes when I was a kid just for the part where the sick crewperson kept singing that over and over again. We used to go around the house singing it. (I'm sure my parents loved that.)

Anyone else have any stories about old TV and what you used to name the episodes back when you didn't know what the official names were?

In other news, Broadchurch series 3 has made it to BBC America. I watched the first episode and really liked it. But before I get too far into it, for those of you've seen it already: is it better than series 2?

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Learning French for free on the internet

It all started when a friend of mine happened to mention the language-learning site Duolingo (www.duolingo.com). I was immediately drawn to how addictive it was, how fun it was, and how free it was. Ironically, I first wanted to improve my Spanish, as that is the foreign language I had been using (trying to use) the most. But I also took French in high school, and soon I couldn't resist using Duolingo to find out how much French I remembered. I quickly discovered that I had lost a lot of it -- in fact, Duolingo's test took me right back to the beginning, "Basics 1" -- but I also discovered that it started to come back to me, and the more I progressed through Duolingo's lessons, the more lessons I was able to test out of. I am now two lessons away from completing all of Duolingo's French lessons, and I am at least as good at French as when I took it in high school, and possibly even better.

Besides Duolingo, I have been able to practice my French with lots of other free resources on the internet. In fact, it's amazing how many resources are out there if you go and look. Here are my favorites so far:

-- Watching episodes of a French anime series, "Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir" (The Adventures of Ladybug and Black Cat). I have [personal profile] primsong to thank for this; she recommended this show and it is both charming and addictive to watch. I watch in French with English subtitles, although I sometimes watch without the subtitles just to gauge how good I am at picking up the French without the translation. (Not too good yet, but improving.) The episodes can be found on youtube.

-- A site that has you watch French music videos and fill in pieces of the lyrics. Sometimes there are technological hiccups (asking for the word before the video played the word; not allowing you to type in apostrophes while requiring apostrophes for the correct answer), but it's so much fun, I have to list it here. Also, the site has introduced me to the French musical group "Carrousel," and I now love their music, especially the song "Le Manque De Place." Here's the site: http://www.bonjourdefrance.com/karaoke-fle/index.php/fr

-- Reading fanfic in French on AO3. So far, I have read several French Doctor Who fanfics and a few Marvelous Ladybug fanfics (i.e., Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir). I have also managed to comment on the fics in French, although you'll have to ask the authors how comprehensible I was. Anyway, it's another great way to strengthen my reading comprehension with material that I'm actually interested in reading.

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Wonder Woman movie

Got to see the Wonder Woman movie today, and it is as fantastic as everyone is saying it is. Yes there are kick-ass action sequences, but they also take a back seat to the story and the characters.

It's seriously one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I've never particularly cared about Wonder Woman, but now I'm a total fan.

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Batman Lego Movie

Saw the Batman Lego movie last night, and it was awesome! It's now become my favorite Batman movie ever. Of course, it didn't hurt that it had that surprise appearance by those villains, described wonderfully as:

spoilers for the Batman Lego movieCollapse )


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