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up to eleven
I just re-watched "The Girl Who Waited" and it made me cry. Even though I knew exactly what was coming. Damn, that's such a good episode.

Fruit flies are mostly gone. I have two left. They refuse to go into the fruit fly trap, and they refuse to die. Hopefully they're not a male and a female, waiting to repopulate.

My garbage disposal is broken because I put too much ice down it to clean it as a method of getting rid of the fruit flies. Oops. On the other hand, it was old and had been making wonky noises, so perhaps it was on the verge of breaking anyway.

Almost time for the Scottish independence referendum. Best wishes to all of my UK friends on a good outcome, whichever way the vote goes.

Being internationally nosy

Sarah from Hand of Fear
Hello flist! Question for you -- what are your thoughts on the upcoming Scottish referendum on independence? Just curious.

I'm especially interested in hearing from those of you in the UK, but others are welcome to chime in if you like.


Miscellaneous ramblings

up to eleven
I just found out today that Karen Gillan is in Guardians of the Galaxy. I am SO out of the pop culture loop! I'm sure everyone else has known about this for months. Anyway, I'm glad I found out now, because I've been meaning to go see that movie, and if I'd just been sitting innocently in the movie theater and been unexpectedly confronted with Karen Gillan, I would have probably made all sorts of inappropriate noises.

In other news, I have re-read one of my old WIPS, and I've actually gotten myself excited about the story again. This is big news. You see, for ages I had tried forcing myself to work on it, and I never seemed to get anywhere. So I gave up and put it aside. But now, as I was re-reading the fic, instead of experiencing "oh god, this thing again," I wanted to keep reading. And when I got to where I had left off, I wanted to read more! Except of course there is no more. So I am now attempting to channel those feelings of wanting to read more into wanting to write more. And, I think I might be succeeding. I even have new ideas for how to end it, which is good because I wasn't ever that enthusiastic about my original idea for the ending (which might just have had something to do with why I never did manage to finish it). Anyway, I'm feeling the motivation again, although before I really start writing I'm going to have to do some episode re-watching -- specifically "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane" and "Turn Left."

In other news, my kitchen has been overrun with fruit flies. It is so bad, I can't even cook in there right now -- flies land in whatever I have cooking on the stove. Yuck. I have cleaned everything I can, and taken out all the food-related trash, and poured clorox down the drain as I suspect they are breeding in the drain. And I have a fruit fly trap, which has successfully caught quite a few of them, although there are still tons more. Not sure what else I can do except wait for the current batch to die out and keep everything food-related out of their reach so they have nothing to eat or breed on. Which is kind of hard to do in a kitchen. I think I might be eating out for the next few days.

Deep Breath

I'm ready to get down some of my thoughts about "Deep Breath."

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Daleks singing Gilbert and Sullivan

Ten expression
I kid you not. Daleks singing Gilbert and Sullivan! It's the best thing EVER:

I think my favorite is "The Sun Whose Rays." Although I also keep singing When the foeman bares his steel, exterminate, exterminate . . .

Remembering Eleven's crazy plotlines

up to eleven
Just thought I'd share that I went back to re-watch "Eleventh Hour" tonight and was surprised by the early mentions of "silence will fall" and the Pandorica. I had honestly forgotten that those were present right from the beginning of Eleven's era. And then I tried to remember when all the various plot points had been settled, and I couldn't quite recall. I kept mixing up whether something was wrapped up with Amy or with Clara, or had to do with Trenzalore, or with River, or with all of the above. Apparently we're only one episode into Twelve, and Eleven's timeline is already a great big muddled mass in my head. Of course, some of it was a great big muddled mass in my head as soon as it was broadcast, so perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised.



Ten expression
I've had Doctor Who on in the background for hours today, as BBC America is running a marathon. In between episodes, they're putting in little "behind the scenes" interview clips with Peter Capaldi. All well and good, except Capaldi keeps referring to his character as "Doctor Who," not "The Doctor." It's driving me crazy.

Really, really hoping that Moffat has a quiet word in his ear and gets this fixed. Surely it bothers him, too?

ETA: And they just showed a brief interview from "The Ultimate Time Lord" special, where Peter Davison interviewed Peter Capaldi. This was the way the conversation went (I swear, I'm not exaggerating):

Davison: So how long have you wanted to play the Doctor?
Capaldi: I never thought I would get to play Doctor Who.
Davison: Are you enjoying playing the Doctor?
Capaldi: It's amazing to be Doctor Who.
Davison: blah blah the Doctor blah blah?
Capaldi: blah blah Doctor Who blah blah.

I think I'm going to have to stop watching Capaldi interviews. It's a silly thing to be bothered by, but it bothers me so freakin' much.