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Bride of Chaotica!

I wish more clips from this wonderful Star Trek: Voyager episode were on Youtube, but in lieu of that, here, have the dialogue from some of my favorite scenes.

Quick summary of the plot: A holodeck program interferes with reality. Yes, tired Star Trek cliche, I know, but the program in question this time is Captain Proton, a Flash Gordon-esque space adventure, with a villain named Chaotica. The holodeck scenes are over-the-top camp, and the whole thing is full of win.

spoilers for Bride of Chaotica, but honestly, it is hard to truly spoil this episodeCollapse )

DS9 surprise

One of the channels way down the list in my cable package has started broadcasting Star Trek: DS9, and I've found myself getting hooked on it again. It also broadcasts Star Trek: Voyager, which I find myself sometimes enjoying and sometimes rolling my eyes at (just like the first time I watched!), and Star Trek: Enterprise, which I mostly avoided the first time but am now watching in order to see how I was absolutely correct to avoid it the first time.

(I should just turn off the TV when it gets to Enterprise. I really should. That show is a huge train wreck. But for some reason, when it's on at 10pm after two hours of better Star Trek, I find myself watching it just to confirm what a train wreck it is.)

Anyway, back to DS9. I was watching this episode with a guest actress playing an alien, and I kept thinking how she really seemed familiar behind all that alien make-up. It was something in her voice. So after it was over, I looked up the cast, and guess what? It was Daphne Ashbrook! Apparently she's one of a very small number of actors to have appeared in both Doctor Who and Star Trek.
Somebody took Sir David Attenborough's wildlife documentary narration and set it to clips of Pokemon Go, and the result is glorious:



Pokemongo is huge here. Everyone seems to be playing it. Went for a walk, and the world was full of people staring down at their phones.

Meanwhile, I can't get the game yet because the server keeps crashing.

I am bereft of pokemon.

I am okay with that.

For now.

(Where is the game that lets me collect Doctor Who characters? I would go crazy for that one.)


Brexit vote: how's everyone feeling?

Since I have a lot of British flisters, I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is feeling about the Brexit vote. Are you happy? Sad? Scared? Excited?


I am catching up on the show "Episodes" via Netflix, and I am really enjoying it. If you're not familiar with the show, it's about two British television writers who are asked to remake their British hit show in America. The comedy comes from the various ways in which their show is destroyed by the Hollywood system, and it looks at all the aspects -- writers, actors, executives, etc.

One of the stars is Matt LeBlanc, who plays the show's lead actor, Matt LeBlanc. They've done all sorts of wonderful things with this conceit, including a great scene where Matt complains about the fact that he will probably never get another stalker: "Do you think Warren Beatty still gets stalkers? There's a window."

But here's the clip I just had to share: Matt complaining about losing out on a part to a British actor. I love British actors, but still, this must be the way every American actor who's lost out to Hugh Laurie for an American role must feel. (Warning: swearing)


Jessica Jones -- final thoughts

I've finished watching season one of Jessica Jones.

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More on Jessica Jones

Still non-spoilery, so no cuts, but I went for it and got Netflix streaming, and I've been binge-watching Jessica Jones all day.

Well, except for the times when I find myself surfing the internet for David's video diaries and clips of him singing with the Proclaimers, just to remind myself that there really is no need for me to be afraid of David Tennant.

Jessica Jones

Was dog-sitting for someone who had Netflix streaming, so I got to watch the first two episodes of Jessica Jones. It's good! I think I might have to pony up for one month of Netflix streaming so I can watch the rest. (Or do a lot more dog-sitting.)

My non-spoilery favorite thing about the show? The fact that David Tennant is not trying to use his terrible "American" accent. Maybe the producers saw "Gracepoint" and politely told him they would love it if Kilgrave had an English accent?

Chris Chibnall??????!!!

The Radio Times is reporting that Moffat is stepping down, and his replacement as Doctor Who showrunner will be Chris Chibnall. I am really, really hoping that it's April Fool's Day, and I've just missed it.


(Psst -- BBC, please take another look a Toby Whithouse? Pretty please??)